A Word About Corona Effect
Corona Effect occurs when electricity is discharged into the surrounding atmosphere from a high voltage source.  When a Wire Marker is placed on a high voltage wire, it can become a focal point for this electrical discharge.  The current passing through the Marker can generate enough heat to cause damage to the Marker and subsequently to the wire on which it is mounted.

"Corona Protection" is provided by applying a semi-conductive coating to the interior of the Marker.  This coating is then electrically bonded to the conductor wire with a  bonding cable or strap. 

This process  provides a low resistance path for electrical current, reducing the heating effect of the current. 

Corona Protection up to 220KV is available on models - KJ, HS, AR, and XL.  For voltages in excess of 220KV, please specify our model BN. The model BN is the ONLY Marker that TANA will recommend for markers that are to be installed directly on the conductor wires for voltages in excess of 220KV.

See our price list for models that can be provided with "Corona Protection".


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